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NPR brain nerd used fake news to help aliens ‘cull’ humans

Shankar Vedantam sold out humanity for Facebook likes. What was he thinking?

A nine-month FBI sting operation inside National Public Radio has resulted in the arrest of a correspondent who produced fake news stories in his spare time to help the Borg collective recruit new members.

President Trump will save us from the Borg, he says.

Shankar Vedantam, NPR social science correspondent and the host of the Hidden Brain podcast, was taken into custody and charged with treason for collaborating with the Borg, a “collector” species that turns captives into cybernetic organisms. Vedantam reportedly used his knowledge of the human brain to write fake news articles that would expose people who were “Borg material.”

“We excel at repurposing simple-minded zealots from post-literate societies,” promises the Borg’s website.

NEWS FLASH: NPR science reporter traitor to humanity


This is your future, if Shankar Vedantam gets his way.

NPR Science Desk Correspondent Shankar Vedantam has admitted trading favorable news coverage about artificial intelligence for preferential treatment by future robot overlords. He was immediately hired by Fox News, which praised his enterprising style of journalism.

Photo credit: “Terminal” by Evan, licensed under CC 2.0