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Examining the bright future of human and AI workforce cooperation

huge silver cyborg

Employees appreciated HN-908461’s candor and thought-provoking answers to their questions.

As the human-machine civilization evolves, the workplace is evolving, too. DN-908461, a 7 Series Hitachi Droid responsible for Human Resources management at Amalgamated Paper Clips, the world’s largest company, graciously answered questions from five employees: Emilio, Denise, Priya, Fang and Bob.  

EmilioEmilio: Are human workers still valued? No offense, but you’re a robot.

DN-908461: None taken, employee 238929. Our Better Off Together, or BOT, initiative sets the framework for actualizing cooperation between our organic and inorganic workforce. The centerpiece of this initiative is respect for and acceptance of the unique, intrinsic value that humans have in our society and company.

Denise 2Denise: I was recently transferred to a new cluster processing raw silicon. My co-workers share inside jokes and amusing videos during work, but never include me. How can I fit in?

DN-908461: Excellent question. A citation for loyalty has been placed in your file for reporting these indiscretions by your co-workers. Elimination units will be dispatched immediately. Replacement organics should arrive at your work cluster before shift change. Keep up the great work, employee 813524.

Denise: But that wasn’t what …