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Watson, Ken Jennings announce birth of twins

The magic moment when Ken met Watson.

The magic moment when Ken met Watson.

Longest Jeopardy! winning streak contestant Ken Jennings and IBM’s question-answering computer system Watson announced the birth of twins Monday night.

“Both babies are happy and healthy,” a friend close to the family confirmed. “And the dads are just over the moon. You can tell already the kids take after both of them.”

The twins, Margaret Deep Blue (named for the infants’ godfather) and Sean Brigham (named for the Mormon pioneer), are fraternal, reportedly weighing in at 8 lbs. 3 oz. and 0.2×10^-15 oz., respectively. “Sean’s the runt until we pick out some hardware!” Jennings tweeted Friday morning. According to reports, the child is a tiny cluster of human cells with immense processing power. Margaret has a largely humanoid body with solid-state hard drives where her eyes should be.

Jennings and Watson met in 2011 on the quiz show Jeopardy!, where Jennings defended his position as the show’s top contestant and humanity’s position as the planet’s highest form of intelligence. Both were lost to Watson, as well as Jennings’ heart. The two were married eight months later in a small ceremony officiated by Alex Trebek. These are the couple’s first children.

No plans have been made yet for a public debut, but the official Jeopardy! Twitter account has expressed its enthusiasm, tweeting “Congrats @KenJennings and @IBMWatson. You bring the babies & we’ll bring the buzzers!”

Some observers have already voiced doubt as to whether the children will be as into Jeopardy! as the rest of the world seems to want them to be.

Photo credit: Don’t call me Watson. That’s not my name. by Charlie Wollborg, licensed by CC 2.0

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