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Local AI enthusiast knows almost nothing about AI

"I know what I’m talking about; I’m a coder," said Paul Pounds.

“I know what I’m talking about; I’m a coder,” said Paul Pounds.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – IT helpdesk representative and anime aficionado Paul Pounds isn’t letting his lack of knowledge about artificial intelligence stop him from being one of the Internet’s most active and excited AI posters.

Self-described as “college-free,” Pounds has limited his reading about AI to browsing the Wikipedia entry on Alan Turing. “All my thinking about AI is intuitively insightful, and to contaminate my mind with scholarly theories and stifling data could diminish the clarity of thought and conviction that my followers expect from me,” said Pounds.

To those who doubt Pounds’ predicted future of intelligent machines, he counters, “Lol you idiots clearly don’t know the first thing about computers. The brain is just a computer, and it retrieves information according to rules. You can write computer programs that simulate brain activity.”

Pounds, who provides user and network support for Cambridge’s Whole Foods Market stores, said the distinction between something that’s algorithmic and something that is merely expressible as an algorithm “is small potatoes in the big scheme of things.”

Pounds weighs in with inspiring, non-fact-based messages 

Pounds comments on AI journal articles and videos without reading or viewing them, preferring instead to spend his time with “pure thinking” and crafting “quotable and shareable” posts.

“My contribution to AI won’t be a bunch of philosophical mumbo jumbo that no one understands. It will be clear, concise statements that inevitably spread across time and space to inspire future generations of cyborgs and evolved humans,” Pounds stated.

While his academic credentials may be lacking, Pounds maintains, “I know what I’m talking about; I’m a coder. Therefore, it is logical and rational to conclude that artificial minds could be constructed.”

When he is not collecting Sailor Moon manga and commenting on artificial intelligence, Pounds stays busy promoting his video game project languishing in Steam Greenlight. “Eventually, my concept will overcome the fact that the game is built almost exclusively with stock assets,” Pounds said.

Photo credit: LA Geek Dinner – 3 Year Anniversary by Heather Vescent, licensed under CC 2.0

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