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Lack of emotional damage gives sexbots edge over traditional prostitutes

Prostitute Faerie

Real or robot? “Sexbots’ vacant eyes are more like a friendly stuffed animal,” said one customer.

More and more traditional sex workers are struggling to make ends meet as they say they are being marginalized by what’s been called “man’s gift to mankind,” or sex robots.

An investigative study by Humanity Death Watch found that with the affordability of so-called sexbots, many men of varying sexual preferences are turning to their silicone girlfriends or boyfriends rather than ‘trolling for ho’s’. Users report the lifelike sexbots as being as good as the real thing, minus the pressure to reciprocate or deal with broken people.

While the use of sexbots has been growing for decades, exponential advances in technology have improved the genitalia of both the female and male robot to the point that besides feeling like real humans, even the smells are remarkably accurate, with options like New Car Smell, Badussy and Mexican Stinky Balls.


Digipimp Fillmore Slimbot reported a customer preference for sexbots for their lack of emotional baggage.

John, a source who asked his real name not be used, explained that he likes real women, but he has a hard time “closing the deal,” so for many years he has counted on prostitutes when he craved more than the five-knuckle shuffle.

Now that he purchased his own sexbot, whom he affectionately calls Marilyn, he says he doubts he’ll go back to real women at all.

John says he likes how Marilyn doesn’t make him feel like he’s exploiting someone whose dad was a bad man.

“Both types of sexual partners have vacant eyes, but sexbots’ vacant eyes are more like a friendly stuffed animal, whereas a human sex worker’s empty stares make me feel a little guilty for choking them to the point of passing out,” he said.

Photo credits: Otakuthon 2013: Pimp Master Chief by Pikawil and Prostitute Faerie by Ashley Webb; licensed under CC 2.0



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