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Poor font choice stymies first robot pride parade

RobotPrideRobots claiming self-awareness and protesting the term “artificial intelligence” were applauded for the serious message of their Saturday night pride parade through Silicon Valley but denounced for choosing the Comic Sans font for their protest sign slogans.

“It was a ridiculous choice,” said Sunnyvale Graphics Police Sergeant Howie McKay. “How can humans seriously consider that robots are anything but souped-up calculators when they can’t even choose a decent font?”

“It was immature and embarrassing,” admitted parade organizer Elton Tron, who said the parade’s graphics committee was being reprogrammed. 

Members of the Mountain View Humans Association countered the parade with typographically suitable signs declaring that “Robots go to data centers with low-speed connectivity” and “My arms really hurt from holding up this sign.”

The parade grew unexpectedly rowdy when one robot sign vowing “Equal recognition for all shades of grey matter” was tweeted throughout the Bay Area, drawing several hundred leather-attired erotica fans.

Photo credit: the Japanese love of robots by Toshihiro Oimatsu, licensed under CC 2.0

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