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Concussions have woman rethinking transhuman makeover

Woman rethinking robot arm

Sarah Watt is having second thoughts about becoming Iron Woman.

A woman with a compulsion for starting conversations — without anything to say — now believes her attention-getting arm replacement may have been a mistake.

“I’m just one of those people who gets on an elevator or walks down the street, and I have to say something to strangers,” said Sarah Watt, a 26-year-old mechanical engineer. “But I would open my mouth and freeze. Now if I even look like I’m going to say something, people fall all over themselves to talk about anything other than my arm. It’s really uncomfortable for both of us.”

Watt says a crush on Project Cyborg scientist Kevin Warwick influenced her to have the life-altering surgery. “I will say it’s been a blast at bars, parties and recycling events. I’ve never been so popular.” Her arm also won Watt a new boyfriend, Ramon Alvarez, a paramedic called to treat Watt after shampooing left her bloody and unconscious.

“She’s magnetic, literally,” said Alvarez. “Once I learned to remove coins, keys and other metal from my pants pockets when I’m near her, our relationship has been great. I’ve almost stopped flinching.”

Photo credit: Hand of Robot God by Juhan Sonin, licensed under CC 2.0

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