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Pronouns challenge mom of transgender transhuman

He, she or it? Taylor Williams is pushing technology and pronoun boundaries.

He, she or it? Taylor Williams is pushing technology and pronoun boundaries.

Taylor, an 18-year-old transgender transhuman who self-identifies as a cyborg, prefers that friends and family use the pronoun “it” to describe it in the third person, and it’s breaking its mother’s heart.

“I did okay with the transgender thing, and I’m thrilled with Taylor’s cerebral and organ upgrades encouraged by President Istvan, but I draw the line at referring to my child as ‘it’ in the family Christmas card,” said Janice Williams of Gainesville, Fla. “The child who came from my womb is not an it.”

“Humanity and technology are converging,” said social psychologist and pronoun expert James Pembaker. “It’s important that family members support each other in this era of rapid change, whether that’s acquiescing to pronoun preferences or simply not saying ‘I told you so’ when your husband’s stupid, mother-fucking car navigation system won’t fucking work, even when he follows the fucking directions to the letter.”

Classmates at Eastside High School fully support Taylor, it says, however some public officials, teachers and residents are wrestling with Taylor’s self-identification and morphological ambitions. A 38-year-old Gainesville mother who requested anonymity, said “I’m not robophobic, but I prefer that my son or daughter not use the same public restroom as Taylor until some things get sorted out.”

Photo credit: m_hweldon, licensed under CC 2.0

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