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Tiny house prepares couple for eternity on server rack

tiny house

“I love the idea of reducing our carbon footprint,” said Mary Garrison.

Newlyweds Mary Garrison and Linda Engle say downsizing to a tiny house in Squamish, Wash., is step one of their dream of living together for eternity at the Google data center in The Dalles, Oregon.

“The idea of having our uploaded brains living in virtual reality inside a hard drive the size of a piece of toast feels a bit claustrophobic,” said Garrison, “and we thought a tiny house would help with the transition.”

tiny house couple

From left, Mary Garrison and Linda Engle hope one day to downsize to a 1TB hard drive on a 19-inch server rack.

“What happened to ‘till death do us part’?” Engle joked, who says she loves living in their new 400 square foot home with their 12 dogs, four cats and ferret named Jamie. “Our tiny house is wonderful, but I’ll admit that when we’re living in virtual reality I want a kitchen the size of the (expletive) Pentagon,” she said.

Photo credit (top): Tiny Cottage by Tammy Strobel, licensed under CC 2.0

Photo credit: JD10-13byAJR_1B7A3980 by Alicia J. Rose, licensed under CC 2.0

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