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Some police unsure about Amazon 5-minute ‘cop drops’

Drones deliver police

For every on-time delivery that results in an arrest and conviction, Amazon collects 25 percent of court-assessed fines.

Amazon Prime members in Cleveland may now use the Amazon Dash Button in their house or car to request a police officer be delivered to a crime scene within five minutes.

The Cleveland Police Department, which piloted the emergency-response program in November, reported 41 percent faster response times during a three-month test. Younger officers especially liked the program as it meshes with their self-perception as crime-fighting ninjas swooping down on bad guys from the sky.

“Initially, some officers were put off by the whirring noise so close to their heads, but the cool factor and near-death adrenaline rush overcame that quickly,” said Sargent Sally “Shark Girl” Sullivan.

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