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Writer Barry’s brain explodes playing Lumosity games

 The king of “booger journalism” is dead.

Dave_Barry2-Before Photo

Federal brain explosion experts are traveling to Miami to investigate.

Dave_Barry2-No Face

Barry’s friend and band mate Stephen King will publish a book next week about Barry’s mysterious death.

Dave Barry, the Pulitzer Prize winning humor writer, died on Tuesday when his brain exploded in front of a stunned crowd in Miami after he played “cognitive games” from Lumosity, the online brain training and neuroscience research company.

“I think Dave wanted to surprise me for my birthday by saying something smart,” said Barry’s wife, Michelle Kaufman. “This brain training was pretty much a last resort. He had tried everything.”

Lumosity officials claim their exercises are safe when used as intended. Experts indicated Barry’s brain could have atrophied to such an extent that a gas buildup was ignited by a brain fart.

Photo credit: “DSCF4962” by Joe Loong, licensed under CC 2.0

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